Why being a Design Creative takes time

When I first started out (this was back in 7th grade), I started to fall in love with the process of spewing out my own designs, which I considered attractive and top notch. Of course, I was obnoxious enough to not ask anybody’s opinion.

Now, that I look back at some of my designs, I cant hold myself back from picking out the fatal flaws and things that could've been.

In short, they were literally crap.

If you are an amateur and are just getting introduced to the world of design, have patience, child. The best is yet to come.

Our designs evolve over time and become better and better, every time we vomit our ideas and designs over the screen.

It even takes years to get to a point where other people start respecting and appreciating what it is, that you do.

Keeping in mind, what I just said above, most of them who try are often disheartened that their designs are just not good enough, or they often find themselves comparing to other professionals in the field and thinking that they will never get there.

Nobody is born perfect. Nobody is born with the ancestral blood of design. It’s a skill that develops over time.

It’s okay even if your design is not up-to par. It’s okay if it looks okay-ish. Show it proudly to the world, wear it like armor.

Be proud of the masterpiece you just created.

“Design wont save the world, but it damn sure makes it look good” -Paul Rand

Writing about this topic is probably targeting a niche market. Not many people understand what it takes to be one of us.

Be proud that you’ve chosen the creative path, for all that’s yet to come is a world full of possibility, contempt & pure satisfaction.

It’s time to whip out that idea and spill it all over the canvas.

If you like my writing or my work, please feel free to visit my website. It would mean the world to me, that you did.

A Front-end Ninja, UI/UX Designer & Author of Being Minimal. More at https://www.sushanthshajil.com/

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